TANGRA Production list

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Ventilation grilles and ventilation diffusers

Ventilation grilles and ventilation diffusers are designed for supply and extraction of air in ventilation and air-conditioning installations with different usage.

- Ceiling ventilation grilles
- Wall ventilation grilles and air diffusers
- Floor ventilation grilles
- Ventilation grilles and diffusers for

mounting on construction element

Ventilation elements

- Sound Attenuators
- Air filters
- Kitchen hoods
- Plate heat exchangers
- Cooling and heating water coils
- Electric heatres
- Fire dampers
- Multiple leaf dampers
- In-line systems - rectangular
                                - In-line systems - round

Industrial centrifugal fans, centrifugal ventilators and fan boxes

Ventilators are designed for supply and extraction of air in ventilation and air conditioning installations with different usage.

- Direct driven ventilators

- Belt driven ventilators

- Roof fans

- Fans for aggressive environment

- Air mixer fan

Air Heaters, Air Coolers and Fan Coils

Designed for heating and cooling of the air in industrial, sport and commercial projects, and domestic premises.

- Water Air Heaters and Coolers
- Electric Air Heaters
- Compact Air Supplying Units
- Floor fan coils

Heat recovery units and heat recovery ventilation systems

Designed for energy saving ventilation systems and secondary usage (recuperation) of hot or cold air in ventilation or air conditioning installations. Application: Industrial, sport and commercial sites, office and residential buildings.
- Standard range - EVB - AL
Middle range, low pressure - EVB- CBM
Middle range, high pressure - EVB - CBР
- High efficiency  - EVB - TOP & Plus
                                - Rotary heat exchanger - EVB - ROT

Air handling units

The range of air handling units, are designed on modular principle in versions for internal or external installation. The whole range of air handling units TANGRA are designed as energy saving air handling units with heat recovery incorporated.
Volume of treated air:

- from 6000m3/h up to 45000m3/h.

- Horizontal version - AHU - H
- Double deck version - AHU - DD

Air duct systems and accessories

 - Rectangular air ducts

 - Round air ducts type "SPIRO"

 - Stainless air ducts and chimney

 - Flexible air ducts

Pellet boilers TANGRA

Range of pellet boilers for heating and domestic hot water of single family houses and small office buildings. Designed for combustion of wood pellets which are a renewable, environmental friendly energy source.

- Pellet boilers TANGRA HP 30 (17-30kW)

- Pellet boilers TANGRA CL 35 (17-35kW)

- Pellet boilers TANGRA CL 80 (40-80kW)

- Pellet burner TANGRA B30p (17-35kW)

Trade list TANGRA

Industrial fans - Soler & Palau

TANGRA is an official representative of Soler & Palau Ventilation Group. Industrial ventilators for different purposes:
- Axial fans
- Centrifugal fans
- Duct fans
- Roof fans
- Fans for high temperature - 400ºC / 2h
- Fans for explosive atmospheres -

Domestic fans and heating equipment - Soler & Palau

TANGRA is an official representative of Soler & Palau Ventilation Group. Wide range of domestic ventilators and heating equipment for different purposes:


- Bathroom fans
- Window fans
- Heating equipment
- Air curtains

Chillers, heat pumps and fan coils - TononForty

 TANGRA is an official representative of Italian producer of air-conditioning equipment "Tonon Forty"

- Chillers and heat pumps - air cooled
- Chillers and heat pumps - water cooled
- Geothermal systems
- Fan coil units - 2 and 4 pipe systems


Air Conditioners - Hitachi Air Conditioning


TANGRA is an official representative of Hitachi Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment:


- Set free Hitachi VRF - Systems with Variable Refrigerant Flow
- Monozone Hitachti Split Systems
- Multizone Hitachi Split Systems

Local extraction and Vacuum systems - Nederman

TANGRA is an official representative of Nederman. Wide range of local extraction and vacuum systems:

- Vehicle repair shop
- Local extraction systems
- Vacuum systems NORCLEAN
- Hose reels, Cable reels and Balancers

Pumps - Grundfos

Wide range of circulation pumps designed to heating and domestic hot water systems.

- heat pumps
- pressure pumps
- submersible pumps
- fire pumps